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The site was created in 2009 by the Chardstock Historical Record Group (CHRG) as the most effective way of making information about the history of the Parishes of Chardstock and All Saints available to the greatest number of people world-wide. Our primary aim is to present the
information as clearly and as accurately as possible, so that everyone can undertake their own
research. We are always pleased to receive comments, suggestions etc. about the Web
Museum and will always try to help with any problems you may encounter. Our contact
address is chrg@btinternet.com


If you would like to be notified about updates to the site, please contact us and we will add you
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The data files on this site are presented in PDF format - to access these documents you will need Adobe Reader,
available as a free download from

Have you thought about helping with our research? Most of the records we hold have
been scanned and can be supplied for you to undertake research for eventual posting on the
site. This can range from simple transcriptions of documents in modern English to 300+ year
old records written in old English or Latin. Any work carried out can be selected according to
your interests and skill level. If you are interested, please contact us on the e-mail address
shown above. We look forward to hearing from you.


Recent enhancements and additions to the site include the following:

PARISH REGISTERS/BMDs - The St. Andrew’s Church marriages have been proofread
against the original Parish Registers and now contain a considerable amount of additional
information plus a number of corrections. If you have Chardstock marriages in your family
history, it would be worth checking them against this fully revised transcript.

Banns Registers, which were introduced in 1754 under Hardwicke’s Act, have been checked
against the Chardstock Marriages Registers with additional information being added under the
notes section of the transcripts. In cases of the Banns being read at Chardstock, but the
marriage taking place elsewhere, or not at all, this information has been included under
“ Additional information on Chardstock & All Saints marriages”.

Finally, the additional information on births/baptisms, marriages and deaths/burials are now
posted as separate files.

CENSUS RETURN 1911 - New, completes the period from 1841 to 1911 inclusive.

WILLS & PROBATE - Considerably more entries have been added.

APPRENTICESHIPS For the Poor - New covers the period from 1698 to 1820.

LAND TAX & POOR RATE - The Poor Rate for 1774 added.

TRADE DIRECTORIES - Now recorded as a separate entry.

MISCELLANY - Considerably enhanced.




We have a comprehensive selection of publications for sale. available online from the website
A full description is given for each book, together with size, cost and postal rates. Books can
be accessed quickly by entering the appropriate code into the search facility on the site, as
shown below:

CHRG-01 A History of the Parish of Chardstock by Peter Wood and Roger Carter.
CHRG-01 Voices of Chardstock 1900 to 2000 by CHRG.
CHRG-25 A History of Education in Chardstock and All Saints 1712 to 2009 by Peter Wood and CHRG.
CHRG-03 Chardstock Mill by CHRG.
CHRG-04 Parish Map & Booklet by CHRG.
CHRG-07 A Short History of the Church of St. Andrew by Peter Wood.
CHRG-27 “Four Men and a Font” DVD by Mike Jakobson
CHRG-23 Chardstock Characters by local poet Arthur Lord
CHRG-22 Septimus the Seagull by Frank Huddy.