Tithe Apportionment was a process whereby the Poor Law Commission created maps and schedules for each parish or township, for lands which were liable for payment of tithes. The purpose of this exercise was to convert the payment of tithes into payment of a monetary sum. The land area and use are recorded, together with landowners, tenants, and field names where known.

A full transcript of Chardstock’s Tithe Apportionment, undertaken in 1840, is available below.


Resulting from the Inclosure Act, all common lands and waste lands were subjected to a survey, describing the position and acreage. Some lands were retained as commons for the use of the Parish, others were sold “in fee” (i.e. freehold) by auction.

Maps and schedules exist for Chardstock, showing these lands and to whom they passed - a transcription is now in progress, and will be posted on this page of the site.