Chardstock Estate was purchased from the Bishop of Sarum by Lord Henley, who had previously been tenant of the lands. The Henley family had the estate from 1873 until 1915, when it was sold in a process that took three years to complete.

The document entitled 1873 - 1916 deals with the Copyhold agreements for dwellings and lands. The Estate Sale of 1915 is a listing of all the lots offered for sale, with full descriptions, acreages etc., the names of those in occupation at the time, and names of the subsequent purchasers.

The Copyhold Agreements between 28.10.1858 and 17.6.1870 cover part of the administration of the Chardstock Estate during the period when the Henley family held the Manor of Chardstock from the Church Commissioners on a leasehold of 21 years renewable every 7 years. The Henley family subsequently acquired the freehold of the Manor following a legal process which started in 1870 and was formally completed in August 1873.