Poor Rate: This was a local tax levied on owners and occupiers of land, for the support of paupers chargeable to the Parish. Names, lands and sums payable were entered in a ledger by the Clerk of the Parish; CHRG has transcribed the returns for 1774, 1783 - 95, 1852 and 1860

Church Rate: Prior to 1868, churchwardens were allowed to levy a rate on all householders in Chardstock (regardless of whether or not they attended the services of St. Andrew’s Church) in order to help maintain the church and churchyard. In practice this rate was rarely levied, possibly because the church received donations from wealthier parishioners and were often included in the Will of persons buried in the churchyard. CHRG has transcribed those we have available to date, which cover the period 1797 - 1799, and 1834.

• POOR RATE 1774

• POOR RATE 1783 - 95

• POOR RATE 1852

• POOR RATE 1860

• CHURCH RATE 1797 - 99